So, you want to be a part of HelloTalk’s online community and upload a video response to one of our posts.

That’s great! ?

We can’t wait to see you, and we want to offer you all the help we can to make a high quality video for you, your friends, and other HelloTalkers to enjoy. So, without further ado, here is the HelloTalk guide to making good video!

? Firstly: Choosing a camera

In the modern world, technology has eyes everywhere. It’s highly likely that you have a phone in your pocket which has a camera on both the front and the back. It’s worth remembering, however, that not all cameras are equal.

For the purpose of your HelloTalk submission we recommend you use your computer’s webcam. Why? ? Because it sits still! Leave the camera shake and lens flare to JJ Abrams.

Ok, so you just got the new iPhone and the camera is amazing and you use it to post videos to instagram all the time – and your webcam never has been quite right since that time you spilled your coffee on your laptop… In that case, use your phone!

But, if you want to get the best results, find a tripod or somewhere safe to rest it while you’re filming.

You don’t want your HelloTalk video to look like your Mom’s shaky vertical footage of that guy she saw break dancing in the street on holiday last summer ?

☀️ Secondly: Get your lighting right

There’s a reason directors shout “Lights, Camera, Action” before they film a scene. Bad lighting is the single easiest way to make your video unwatchable. Luckily, improving it is also one of the easiest ways to make your video look much better!

The basic principles are simple. The camera is pointing at your face, so should your light source. If you’re making your video in your bedroom with the sun shining through your window, make sure it’s not behind you. Just like driving when you’re driving with the sun in your eyes, your camera will find it difficult to see clearly if the light is pointing directly at it.

So, to put it simply, make sure you’re facing a light source which is behind your camera. The sun works best.

As a general rule: the more light in the room, the better your video.

? Thirdly: Editing is your friend

Why is it that actors always look so calm, perfect and professional on camera, but you freeze up and pull a funny face whenever someone points their phone at you?

That’s an easy question to answer – someone deleted all the actor’s bad takes! ?

Just like when you take 100 photos on holiday and post the best 20 online, taking the time to edit your video or try multiple takes can really improve your final result.

Record yourself once and watch it back. Where did you make mistakes? Where could you improve? This is not only good advice for making videos, but also for learning another language.

Watch yourself, be your own critic – no one will find your mistakes as easily as you will.

? For the best possible results…

… check online! There are an incredible number of resources online to help you improve your video content. Here at HelloTalk we like these guides to shooting on an iPhone and shooting with a webcam posted by video hosting service Wistia.

Best of luck with your videos, we can’t wait to see them!