Drudgery. That’s what people often associate with learning. That’s a shame! Whether you learn to drive, to use chopsticks ?, or to bend spoons with the power of your thoughts — learning is an integral part of life, and… it never ends!

We hope you don’t find this scary… Learning is empowering. A new skill lined up to lear is like magic waiting at our fingertips.

Modern academic research is taking big steps in the filed of language learning. ? It investigates, among others, memorisation, impact of online tools on language acquisition, and most efficient practice methods.

You don’t have time to read all these academic papers (thousands are published each year!), but our team does. What’s more they are able to digest the academic jargon into a language regular people can understand. That is, distil actionable advice to help you learn langauges the way science intended!


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Featured image by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.