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You speak Malgasy, I learn Malgasy — let’s be friends! Isn’t that the best way to practice?

Passion for language learning is what brings people of HelloTalk together. Everyone on HelloTalk is a learner 🤓

The chat provides key functions to make your language exchange effective, but…

… you know what I’m going to say…

There is no hiding from the truth. 👉 You still sometimes need to sit down and spend time learning vocabulary and grammar!

But! Worry not. There are methods and tools 🛠 to make even this, — sometimes scary! — aspect of language learning quick and easy.

This section of the blog will break down for you the latest news from the science of linguistics, pedagogy, and ed-tech. The more you learn, the more efficiently you can practice on HelloTalk! 😎

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Russian-American Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award
Metamorphosis. You might know it as a title of Kafka’s
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This Jeopardy is Not a Game
Crisis. Jeopardy. Emergency. These aren’t words we typically associate with
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Karma. A Buddhist concept that translates to the English saying:
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Stories of Chinese Past Preserved With HelloTalk
BEIJING – Everyone has a story. Especially here in China,
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Magic of VR: Anime Brings Japanese to Reality
Kimi no na wa. Sounds like a spell! But it
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From Kmart to Quanzhou: Changing Lives Through Teaching English
By Jeffrey Scheffel QUANZHOU, China – In life, it’s amazing
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3 Fun Ways to Get More Smiles on HelloTalk
Learning a language doesn’t have to be all that serious.
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How to Turn Strangers Into Friends on HelloTalk
“There are no strangers here: Only friends that you haven’t
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Discover Language and Culture on HelloTalk
HelloTalk is a place where we can immerse ourselves in
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No Games, but Mooncakes: We Get Snacking on September Meetups
Autumn is slowly approaching. Students go back to school and
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One of the best ways to make yourself shine on
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3 Tips to Meet New People on HelloTalk
Sometimes HelloTalk can feel like the first day of school.
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How a Belgian Grandpa Got Famous on Chinese Social Media
Una cerveza por favor! is a phrase that perhaps summarises
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It’s Alive! HelloTalk Community Leaves the Screen
A tribe. A group of people who share interests and
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Fun Ideas to Improve Your HelloTalk Posts
Travelling the world and learning languages sounds like a dream
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How To Stand Out on HelloTalk
There are many different types of people. Some more, some
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3 Delicious Ways to Inspire Your Posts on HelloTalk
What is one of the most sociable and enjoyable things
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Quick Tips: How To Boost Your Target Language With Voice And Video Messaging
Most people use HelloTalk to post Moments and practice grammar
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4 Language Learning Facts From 4 HelloTalk Top Users
Language exchange needs two kinds of people — teachers and
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Striking Gold, With HelloTalk’s Motherlode of Spanish-Speakers
HOUSTON – My frustration had grown gradually, over the years.
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Parks, Bonfires, and Bubble Teas: August 2018 Meetups
Summer. Time to sit at home alone and play outer
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5 Free Tools for Learning Japanese
Language learning can be best thought of as a marathon
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How To Find An English Language Exchange Partner On HelloTalk
You’re learning English. You joined HelloTalk and are eager to
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How to Write a Successful HelloTalk Profile
Creating a profile is boooring. But, you have probably seen
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