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Parks, Bonfires, and Bubble Teas: August 2018 Meetups

Summer. Time to sit at home alone and play outer games, right? Wrong! Time to get out, catch up with old friends and make new ones!
HelloTalkers around the globe leave the world of their phone screens to connect in real life. What’s that mysterious “real life” you might ask? ? Check out the pictures below to see the details, and…
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There isn’t one in your city yet? ? Well… maybe it’s time to make it happen!
Register interest here. Don’t worry if you’ve never organised an event before, we’ll guide you to help make your meetup amazing.

London UK, Hyde Park

On August 4th, HelloTalkers held a summer picnic in London’s Hyde Park. It was the first HelloTalk meetup in London! Everyone had a blast ?? Special thanks to the organizer Ben — our HelloTalk London Culture Ambassador, and Edson — a great photographer.

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Next meetup in September, join the HT London Group not to miss it! ?

Seoul, South Korea

On 7th Aug, the first HelloTalk offline meet up was successfully hosted at the Grey Scale Cafe in Seoul, South Korea. Special thanks to the organizer Jae – our HelloTalk Seoul Culture Ambassador and Jimin – a great photographer. Jae had a message he wanted to share with everyone, “이번 헬로우톡 첫번째 Meetup 통해서 다양한 사람들을 만나 재밌었습니다. 다음번에도 다양하고 재밌는 시간을 가졌으면 좋겠습니다.” Thank you all for coming!

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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Second from the series of DFW meetups. This times it was a bonfire event! ? Special thanks to Steve — our great organizer, who put in a lot of time and effort to make this event happen. ?

Jason, one of the attendees said, “Thanks everyone for a good time tonight. I do tend to be a bit shy until I get more familiar with people, so don’t feel offended if I seemed quiet tonight. It’s quite possible I won’t shut up next time. Seriously I enjoyed meeting you all and getting to know each of you better and look forward to the next time. “

We at HelloTalk feel empowered knowing we have such lovely users!

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Shenzhen, China

Study Tour in HelloTalk’s office & pizza night! In the middle of August a group of curious Japanese explorers arrived in HelloTalk’s office ? We were happy to help them learn more about the Chinese startup culture, and the rocky world of app development. It was great to hear their “wow’s” as we shared a sneak peak of our new features and introduced them to HelloEnglish courses.
After the tour we went out and were joined by more HelloTalk fans from the city to share languages, cultural experiences and… pizza! ? All that in a (fancy!) Shenzhen cafe. You can see in the pictures how tall the building is! ?

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Shenzhen, China: First Live Share event ⚡️

First HelloTalk Live Share event! We weren’t quite sure how this concept will be received, so there was a little bit of anxiety on our end… as it always is when trying out something new ?
What’s the idea?  HelloTalk Live Share is a series of events where we invite speakers to share their professional experience or life’s passions.  
*Topics?* Anything from fashion to economics! Crucial ? It’s a message worth sharing with a world-wide community.
For the first event we were honored to host Curtin (HelloTalk ID: a_curtin9_62910) who spoke about tailored technology in a matching high-tech environment — the 51st floor of Fortune Building in Shenzhen.
Curtin’s background is in operations management across four continents. His expertise covers logistics, financial analysis, agrochemicals, and technology which gives him quite a broad, and unique perspective here in Guangdong.
☝️ Curtin opened the talk with a powerful question: technology saves us time. But, does your tech save *your* time? According to statistics, an average employee owns around $300 of unused tech ? That doesn’t even count redundant gadgets in America.
The core lesson was how to understand and identify our tech needs, and tailor tech to our lives. Curtin introduced three exciting fixes and illustrated how his friends incorporated them into their lives. There was an interactive part too; divided into smaller groups we shared tech-related challenges we encountered in daily life, exchanged ideas on potential solutions.
Curtin concluded: “As long as you buy tech for your specific purpose, you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest. Don’t let a company decide how you live your life. Don’t get swept up in the media, darlings. Life should be too important to let others choose for you. Tailor your tech. You owe it to yourself.”
A powerful message! 
Next HelloTalk Live Share in September. We can’t wait!

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DFW Bubble Tea ? ?


Already a third HelloTalk meet up in Fort Worth ? this time at theRoyal Tea Shop. As the name of the venue implied everyone had royal fun ?.
Special thanks to the organizer, Teresa, who even prepared a small gift of sweets for each HelloTalker! How sweet ??
She told us: “At the beginning I felt quite nervous because I wasn’t that sure if people were coming to the meet up. We’re coming little by little and everyone was starting to talk, getting to know each other. I felt quite happy at the end no one wanted to leave because we were having a really good time talking and laughing together.”
It’s inspiring and encouraging to see strangers making connections so quickly, joined with a passion for language learning!
The DFW community is serious about language exchange… so far they were the most regular in their meetup hosting. Can *your city* “beat” them? ?

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