Remember the first time you heard a fairy tale?

It’s pretty much since then stories have been accompanying us throughout life. Even what we tell ourselves everyday about our own life is… just a story ?‍♀️ The liberating thing about this realisation is that the shape of our story depends only on us.


HelloTalk became a part of the life story of more than 12 million users ? Many tales can be told about their ups, downs, and 180 degree turns. Some of them we collected here.

And, as surprising as they may be, they are not fairy tales.

Russian-American Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award
Metamorphosis. You might know it as a title of Kafka’s
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“Silly Girl From a Village”, the Brain Behind an Epic Birthday Video
Karma. A Buddhist concept that translates to the English saying:
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Stories of Chinese Past Preserved With HelloTalk
BEIJING – Everyone has a story. Especially here in China,
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Magic of VR: Anime Brings Japanese to Reality
Kimi no na wa. Sounds like a spell! But it
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From Kmart to Quanzhou: Changing Lives Through Teaching English
By Jeffrey Scheffel QUANZHOU, China – In life, it’s amazing
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How a Belgian Grandpa Got Famous on Chinese Social Media
Una cerveza por favor! is a phrase that perhaps summarises
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