Remember the first time you heard a fairy tale?

It’s pretty much since then stories have been accompanying us throughout life. Even what we tell ourselves everyday about our own life is… just a story ?‍♀️ The liberating thing about this realisation is that the shape of our story depends only on us.


HelloTalk became a part of the life story of more than 12 million users ? Many tales can be told about their ups, downs, and 180 degree turns. Some of them we collected here.

And, as surprising as they may be, they are not fairy tales.

Chinese Soul in a French Body: A Romantic Connection with China
Do you know Janus? It’s a Roman god usually depicted
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A Scotsman in Japan: It’s Nothing Like the Movies
How many personalities do you have? Some learners say they
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Japanese Teacher Finds Thai Grammar Worth Fighting For
Dramatic and full of passion. That’s how we often perceive
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How a Russian Programmer is Cracking the Code to English
Curiosity. It’s what leads us to explore and learn. It
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Why an Aussie Sold His Telescope to Travel to Thailand
The Matrix. How do you know you don’t live in
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How a Student in Mexico Fought the American Stereotype
Distance. Whether metaphorical or physical, distance prevents us from creating
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