Community is the cornerstone of HelloTalk. What does it mean? ?

It means that without passionate language learners HelloTalk would not exist. After all, isn’t it true that the more the merrier?

Well, maybe not when you are trying to organise a birthday party in a small apartment… ? But, when it comes to language exchange apps that’s definitely the case!

With over 11 million users HelloTalk has a community around the size of that of Paris (France) ??, Lahore (Pakistan) ??, or Lima (Peru)??! It’s also already larger than London ?? and probably just as diverse — if not more!

It’s also equally buzzing with outstanding personalities, friendships, groups, meetups, and talents. Our mission uncover what hides in the complex meanders of the vast HelloTalk network, and highlight the hidden inspirational stories! 

Feel free to explore and — who knows?— maybe you’ll find a story about yourself here? ?

Have you met someone inspirational, or come across a unique personality on HT? Get in touch!


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