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You might be asking: what *exactly* awaits me here?

  • Latest research about language acquisition and pedagogy. Sounds serious? Don’t worry, we make it easy to read and apply!
  • Language study tips and news. HelloTalk is created by language learners. What are the best language courses and newest apps? We monitor the web everyday and are happy to share our findings.
  • Product updates. HelloTalk is growing like a jungle after the rain, we constantly improve our product and launch new features. Follow the blog to be the first one to try them out!
  • Community news. Well, this one warrants a longer explanation.

As of 2018 we are a 10 million strong community of HelloTalkers. (If you aren’t one of us, it’s never not too late to join ?)

10 million could be a small country! With this number of people interacting daily through our app, you can imagine there is a lot going on… Stories of friendship, career changes, meetups, language exchanges, travels — you name it, and it probably is already happening on HelloTalk ?

Our fearless HelloTalk community angels are constantly on the lookout for stories to move and inspire language learners and culture explorers across the globe. We organise meetups and events to bring the learning passion into the real world — yup that place that’s not on a screen! — and run community accounts on HelloTalk to connect people based on shared interests.

HelloTalk aims to give voice to speakers and learners of any language, celebrating diversity through language and cultural exchange. We wouldn’t exist without the community of learners who support this mission.

? We’re proud to have *you* with us! ?

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