Personalities by Blood Type In Korea

Personalities by Blood Type In Korea


Referred as ‘farmers’ in some descriptions, Type A’s are said to be considerate of others and loyal to a fault.

They can also be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings.

Apparently they don’t hold their liquor well, either.

Referred to as ‘hunters’, Type B’s have very independent natures and tend not to be concerned about what other people think of them.

Although often described as shallow and lazy, they can be quite passionate about the things they hold dear.

Patience is not their strong suit either.
Type B men have acquired a very negative reputation in Korea and are not considered by many to be good husband material.

Often described as ‘players’, they are perceived as being selfish and mercurial, quick to anger and not terribly reliable.

That said, their bad boy image makes them very attractive to women, but not for the long term. (Type B women do not share in this bad rep, for some unexplained reason).

Referred to as ‘humanists’, Type AB’s are said to be controlled more by their heads, than by their hearts.

They are rational, good with money, but unpredictable.

Although inclined to be distant, they prefer harmony and as such, work well with mediators.

Some consider them two-faced, and therefore untrustworthy.

Referred to as ‘warriors’, Type O’s are viewed as natural leaders and are often, also, natural athletes.

They tend to be outgoing, expressive and passionate, but can also bore others to death with their obsessive drive for success coupled with their absolute convictions that they are winners.

This certainty that they will always win explains why they aren’t afraid to take risks or gamble.

They have a strong physical presence and are unlikely to ever be overlooked.

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