Dangerously Addictive Korean Snacks You Must Try!

Dangerously Addictive Korean Snacks You Must Try!

1.Shindangdong Tteokbokki



Delicious tteokbokki in chip form? Who woulda thunk.

But it somehow works. The chips are a bit on the sweeter side, so don’t worry about not being able to handle too much spiciness!

2. Goguma Kkang


Sweet potato chips — these were cool before sweet potato fries became mainstream.

An old-school option that will never go out of style.

3. Honey Tong Tong


Conan O’Brien himself named this his favorite snack during this visit to South Korea.

Honey Tong Tongs are one of the better snacks to come out of the honey butter craze, and like most of the others, these are tough to find right now.

4. Shikhye


Shikhye is one of the most beloved and delicious drinks for Koreans.

Its malty sweetness, especially when chilled, is nothing short of perfect — even with the rice bits.

We understand that the rice bits may have thrown some people off, but it’s what makes shikhye so distinguishable. We’d encourage you to give it a second chance — especially if you’re able to try homemade shikhye! Homemade is always better.

5. Ojingeo TangKong (Spicy)


Squid peanut balls. There is nothing like this combination in the world, but it works!

At least, it worked for many SnackFever family members.

But for many others, it may have been too out there.

This is one of the most popular Korean snacks at the moment, so it’s another must-try!

6.Korean Sweet Cakes (chapsal yakgwa)

Yakgwa is a very traditional Korean cake made mainly from honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour. These taste a bit like donuts, so obviously they’re delicious.

What it tastes like: Glazed donuts.

7.Traditional Korean Crackers With Laver Flavor


Although these guys are labeled as crackers, they’re actually more sweet than savory.

They contain “laver” (aka seaweed) which gives a natural salty hint to each cracker and also a very unique flavor.

What it tastes like: Fortune cookies laced with seaweed.

8. Market O brownie


You’ll see these chocolatey slices of Heaven in almost every Korean super mart. I’ve personally tried this when I was in Korea, and I was so pleasantly surprised by its rich chocolate taste!

9.Honey butter chips 

images (4) o-POTATO-CHIP-facebook

The Honey Butter trend needs no introduction. This legendary snack first brought in by Calbee was so popular that snack junkies resorted to buy this from the black market! Even K-Pop stars like Hyomin from T-ara swear by this popular snack! Catching on the demand, there are now several types of Honey butter chips offered by various brands in Korea.



Next to B-B-Big, Melona is undoubtedly one of Korea’s most classic ice pops. Launched in 1992, this creamsicle dessert is famous for its pale green color and milky sweet melon taste. For those of you who prefer different flavors, Melona is now also sold in strawberry, mango, banana, and plain milk. Or if you need more melon flavor, you can bring it up a thousand notches with Melona bingsoo. That’s melon balls, melon ice cream, and Melona bars all stuffed into a hollowed-out melon gourd.



Koreans love fish, and they love fish-shaped sweets! One of the most famous Korean desserts is bungeobbang, which is a sweet red bean pastry prepared with a waffle mold shaped like a fish. (It’s similar, if not identical, to the Japanese dessert called taiyaki.) Samanco is essentially next level bungeobbang. The familiar fish-shaped waffle is stuffed with vanilla ice cream and a thin layer of red bean paste. The result is a portable ice cream sandwich that’s satisfying without being too intensely sweet. And don’t worry, it’s not fish-flavored in the least!


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