10 Korean Beauty Vloggers You Need To Follow!

10 Korean Beauty Vloggers You Need To Follow!

Korean beauty( or K-beauty ) is getting major buzz these days.

There are a lot of popular Korean beauty vloggers.

We’ve chosen 10 beauty stars in Korea that you need to follow.

1) Pony

Pony is an internationally renowned makeup artist and K-beauty vlogger, with published makeup books in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Japan, and a current stint as CL’s makeup artist.

She also has her own product line, Pony Effect, designed to help beginners get glammed up.

Despite her busy schedule, Pony still makes time to create makeup tutorials for every season and occasion.

2) Yeon Du Kong 

Given her cute looks, Yeon Du Kong is dubbed as “the busy girl’s best friend,” as her videos consist of easy-to-follow makeup tutorials designed for the woman on-the-go.

She also had a collaboration with Memebox for a collection of contour and blush sticks.

Aside from her easy makeup tutorials, she also shares her skincare routine, outfit tips, product reviews, and some of her daily adventures from time to time.

3) Sunny’s Channel

Sunny is a New York-based K-beauty vlogger who, thankfully, is both fluent in Korean and English.

She likes to recreate looks from girl group MVs such asEXID’s Hani and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.

Aside from her makeup tutorials, Sunny also does makeup reviews and shares some glimpses from her daily life, also known as “Sunny’s no jam vlogs.”

4) Calary Girl

Ranging from everyday makeup looks to fantasy inspired makeup, Calary Girl covers them all.

She also does product reviews for makeup and hair, some nail art tutorials in between, and some snippets of her daily life as well.

5) Daddoa

Lee Da Sol, known on YouTube as Daddoa, is a lover of makeup, fashion, and travel.

Daddoa’s tutorials are composed of conservative makeup looks that women can wear for every season and occasion.

She also shares her skin and hair care tips as well as her travel experiences on her channel.

6) So Young’s Beauty Room

Compared to the others on the list, So Young seems a little more mature.

She has frequent collaborations with international makeup brands, but she easily integrates these products into her Korean beauty looks.

7) Dayeong’s Beauty Drawing

Dayeong has beautiful cat-like eyes which she utilizes to her advantage in her tutorials.

Her commentary is honest and witty. Don’t worry, there are English subtitles, so you won’t miss out.

With looks that stand out from the crowd, how can you not notice her?

8) Ssin

The queen of makeup-tainment and massive transformations, Ssin is one K-beauty vlogger you wouldn’t want to miss! Her makeup tutorials are so diverse — spanning from movie characters like Elsa from “Frozen,” “Maleficent,” top Korean actresses, idol girl groups, and even boy groups — Ssin can do it all! She also co-hosts OnStyle’s “Pretty Avengers” with Lamuqe, so be sure to watch for her lovable makeup antics.

9) Lamuqe

 Lamuqe, one of the hosts of OnStyle’s “Pretty Avengers,” is a certified Beauty Creator

(a popular term for K-beauty vloggers on SNS) who enjoys exploring new makeup and hair trends.

Aside from re-creating looks from our favorite K-pop idols, Lamuqe also shares her personal life on YouTube,

such as her outfit ideas, skin care essentials, and product reviews. Her advice for her followers:

“Be More Beautiful Tomorrow Than Today!”

10) Kwaktori 

As her bio, “Makeup that you don’t find anywhere,” says,

Kwaktori loves to recreate unique looks inspired from Japanese anime, doll makeup, and various makeup trends.

She also has videos on current outfit trends, her recent cosmetic hauls, and occasional videos of experiences and adventures with her boyfriend, who happens to be a hair designer and stylist — that’s why Kwaktori’s hair is always changing and on point!

++ MoonGoon

Moongoon has only a few English subtitles on his videos.

He has many reviews on travel, cosmetics, foods and more.

One of the most famous male beauty vloggers in Korea!

source: www.soompi.com

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