Korean Drinking Games That You Can Play With Your Friends.

Korean Drinking Games That You Can Play With Your Friends.

Playing games while drinking is an important and vital ingredient to your success in adapting to Korean culture.

Usually, you need four or more people to play these games, and there is a Penalty Drink that is made before the start of the game.

Don’t worry if you keep losing!

You can always ask for the “Black Knight” if you want someone else to take the penalty for you.

But remember, calling out for a knight comes with consequences, one that totally depends on the person you pick.

How black knight works [흑기사]: You pick a person to take the penalty for you (usually they accept), and you must return a favor of their choice.

If you’re unlucky, they might reject your call, which means you need to drink twice the amount of your original penalty drink.

**all the games are based on non-alcoholic drinking games.

 Let’s Begin!


You can play this game with two people but you could even modify it and play with more. Each hand is either a closed fist for zero or open for five. So the options with two people are 0, 5, 15, or 20. Both of the players shout out the number they think will be up. So, if I say 5 and my friend has two fists and I have one fist and one open hand I win and he drinks. If we are both wrong, both drink. If we’re both right, no one drinks.


Put everyone into a big circle. The person who begins counts to three, but instead of saying three he can say any number between two and twenty. When the first person says “three” everyone in the circle should fire their “gun” at someone else in the circle. Then the first person who said “three” starts the count from one, following his gun to the second person who says two, who follows his gun to the third person who says three continuing in this fashion until the number the first person said is reached. Whoever is that person must drink.



This game comes with the bottle of soju! Take the cap. Twist the end part of the cap so that it sticks straight out. Now each person takes a turn flicking the end trying to flick it off from the base of the cap. Whoever succeeds enjoys sobriety while everyone else drinks.


The guy who starts taps their mug on the table once. The next person to his right can tap once, which passes it to the next person on his right, or twice which sends it back to the person on the left, or three times which skips the person the right and goes to the next person after that. Whoever screws up must drink.

Napkin, Beer, Cigarette

A napkin is placed over a beer mug. On top of that is a 100 or 500 won coin. Now the players take turns burning holes into the napkin with a lit cigarette. The player who drops the coin into the mug must drink.

happy together

Son Byung Ho Game

Everyone holds up 5 fingers & take turns saying something they’ve done. Anyone who has also done that must take down a finger. The first person with no fingers left drinks.

King Game

Have cards equal to the number of players, with 1 king. Everyone draws a card & hides it. The person who draws king can call out numbers & actions. People with those cards can do the actions or drink.


Fill a cup half way with beer & float a shot glass in the drink. Everyone takes turns pouring Soju into the shot glass. The person who sinks the shot glass must finish the whole drink.

Cup Tapping Game

Everyone sits in a circle. Someone starts by tapping their cup once to pass to the right. The next person can tap their cup once to pass or twice to pass backwards. If you mess up, you drink.

Noonchi Game

The objective is to not be the last one to call a number. Everyone collectively counts up. If two people call out a number at the same time, both drink. If you’re the last to call a number, you drink.

Noonchi  is a Korean concept signifying the subtle art and ability to listen and gauge others’ moods. In Western culture, noonchi could be described as the concept of emotional intelligence. It is of central importance to the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

Apartment Game

One person yells a number equal or less than the number of players.

Players quickly put their hands in a stack on the table. Whoever’s hand is in the position of the number yelled, must drink.


This game is simple but tons of fun. Get your group of friends together with the drink of their choice in hand and ready to be consumed. The object is to say the numbers out loud starting from 1 but you must clap instead of saying a number that has a 3, 6, or 9. So if the person before me says 8 I would clap once for 9, but if it’s my turn and the number is 39 I would have to clap twice. Whoever ends up saying 3, 6, or 9 must drink! Then it goes back to 1 and starts over again.

To make things tougher you could be devious and insist that even numbers divisible by 3, 6, or 9 cannot be said either. Drunken division is never a pretty sight.


Everyone gets in a circle. The person who starts says bunny bunny with hand motions  like a rabbit eating with your four fingers over your thumb, then he gives it to someone else who then gives it to someone else. But at the same time the people on either side are saying Tangeun Tangeun (carrot carrot). Whoever messes up drinks!

Baskin Robbins 31

Everyone can count up to three numbers. The first person starts with one, and they can stop counting at one, two, or three. Then, the next person will count up to three numbers starting where the first person left off.

Person 1: “One, two.”

Person 2: “Three, four, five.”

Whoever makes a mistake and counts more than three numbers has to drink. However, whoever says 31 also has to drink, so be careful of how low or high you count!

This game is easy and fun but can get confusing if someone playing doesn’t know how to count in English or if someone playing doesn’t know how to count in Korean, which definitely happened when I was playing before!

Gyeongma Game or Horse racing game

The entire game is played with people drumming on the table with their hands to simulate the sound of horses racing on a track. You first go around the table in order calling out your “horse number.” Horse number 1 (일번말), horse number 2 (이번말), horse number 3 (삼번말), etc. Each person is a designated horse number. After you go around and identify which person is which horse number, the game starts. You take turns calling out your number and then the number of the one you want to “attack.” Usually, horse 1 starts it off.

ex. 일번에 삼번 1 attacks 3

Then number 3 would call out his/her number first and “attack” someone else by calling out their number. 삼번에 오번 3 attacks 5. You really have to listen carefully to see if your number gets called. If you slip up and miss your turn, you drink.

This game is meant to be played FAST. It gets really chaotic because everyone is banging on the table. Also, the same two people can go back and forth attacking each other.

“3 attacks 1!”

“1 attacks 3!”

“3 attacks 1!”

“1 attacks 3!”


Once a round is over and someone drinks, the drinker becomes horse 1 and the numbers reset again. It keeps you on your toes because your number changes each round. Depending on how difficult/fun/evil you want to make the game, you can choose to omit the number introduction in the subsequent rounds after the numbers have been reset and start attacking right away.

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