The Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo Japan That You’re Never Wanna Miss

The Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo Japan That You’re Never Wanna Miss

Now let us be your Japan guide on a fun-filled journey to Tokyo, Japan!


Check out a Maid Café
in Akihabara

Looking to induce a quick 495eae7c14c54ff5b69f04ecd637a945culture shock fever? Try a Maid Café. Originally created to service the male otaku fetishes, it quickly expanded to attract a wide array of different customers.


Go to Tokyo’s SkyTree

TTokyo Sky Treeokyo Skytree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observationtower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010.




Write a prayer

While visiting Harajuku in the Sh22848464841_2f79c6deba_oibuya District, save enough time to write a prayer at the Meiji-Jingu Shrine. The tranquil setting, towering greenery. and wide-open gravel walking paths are a short-distance escape from the meticulously controlled chaos urban landscape that surrounds it.


Check out the Rooftop Aquarium in Ikebukuro

The Sunshine International Aquarium in Ikaquariums_1bebukuro ward, Tokyo is a rooftop aquarium…
Located atop the World Import Mart Building in Ikebukuro’s massive Sunshine City complex and accessible from JR Ikebukuro Station, Sunshine International Aquarium features an overhead transparent “donut” tank that allows visitors to view fish and penguins “flying” above them. What the fish and penguins think about the situation, who can say?

Ride Go-Karts in Akiba

Race through the streets of Tokyo dride-go-karts-in-akibaressed as your favorite Mario Kart character and learn how to drive on the left-hand side of the road while dodging real-life traffic. No guides, no helmets… probably one of the coolest things you can do in life!!



Shinjuku Robot Restaurant

shinjuku-robot-restaurantWitness Taiko Drumming and laser beams on acid, flashing lights, freaking laser beams and giant, radio-controlled, robots battling to the death. Basically, everything you would come to expect from a trip to Tokyo.


Rely on Vending Machines and Cafés for snacks
自動販売機・カフェvending machines

 Tired of shopping in Shibuya or recovering from a late night out in Roppongi? Grab a Pocari Sweat from a vending machine and then hit up a café for some fancy drip coffee and a slice of heaven.


Use the Smart Toilet

 It will change your life. And ysmart toiletour butt will thankyou. And then you will miss it when you come back to The States.





Odaiba (or Daiba) is a leisure and entertainmentOdaiba area in Koto ward, Tokyo, that covers part of two islands in Tokyo Bay. As a leisure spot, Odaiba has something for everyone, day and night, from sports facilities and stadiums, elaborate shopping malls, museums, concerts, hotels, to great views of Tokyo Bay and Tokyo itself. Odaiba’s fun and cutting-edge, yet outdoorsy, vibe makes it popular with the young and dating couples.

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